Our work is customized to each client and community, but there are a few things everyone can expect from us:

  • Proven solutions tailored to individual client needs
  • Systems and solutions that are as simple, sustainable and maintainable as possible 
  • Best practices adopted from a range of industries and methodologies. 

Management systems, services and solutions

  • Definition and continuous improvement of corporate governance systems
  • Requirements management support for integrated management systems
  • Process management and quality management systems
  • IT support and IT-based management system consulting
  • Information asset management 
  • Digital strategy development and execution 
  • Database management and electronic discovery 
  • Intellectual property protection strategies 
  • Institutional knowledge management and knowledge transfer 
  • Information design, including documentation, records and training development 
  • Corporate and technical communications and training 
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Continuous improvement
  • Business continuity and disaster planning

Where applicable, management system solutions and consulting services conform to ISO 9001 and/or industry-specific standards such as ISO 27001.

Quality assurance (QA) services

  • Quality assurance and quality control (QC) training 
  • Project QA and project quality plans
  • Information QA, including documentation, records and training quality 
  • Change management 
  • Quality management systems and procedures 

Where applicable, QA services conform to ISO 9001.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) services and solutions

  • Developing your CSR goals and value proposition – both for your business and community
  • Identifying appropriate CSR solutions to address those goals
  • Implementing and managing CSR programs
  • Evaluating effectiveness and sustainability of CSR programs

Examples of CSR solutions include:

  • Waste and pollution reduction processes
  • Community risk reduction
  • Contributions to educational and social programs
  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Employee volunteerism

Where applicable, CSR solutions conform to ISO 26000.